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maandag 30 januari 2012

Dear Angela, let us occupy all destinations!

Collaged envelope mailed to Angela Behrendt in Germany
and the Ministry of Femail pleasure (in the sense of orgasm or ejaculation)


From Rosa Biagi, Italy

REBEL to reclaim the public space

From Rosa Biagi, Italy

REBEL for LIFE by smiling

From Rosa Biagi, Italy

EXPLORE all possibilities of public actions

From Rosa Biagi, Italy

REBEL by stroking one another

From Lesley Magwood Fraser, South Africa

REBEL against the brainwashing of achieving perfection

Collage by Janine Weiss, Switzerland

REBEL against commercialism

Collage by Janine Weiss, Switzerland


Envelope by Janine Weiss, Switzerland
Cat and ducks by Theresa Wolfwood, Canada
Artist book by Janine Weiss, Switzerland
Blackbird photo by Guido Vermeulen, Belgium
Aquatinte by Meg Founds, USA


Made on 30 January 2012, for Eric Bensidon


REBEL against the daily routine of every morning

From Fleur Helsingor, USA

REBEL is a collage of permanent repetitions

From Eric Bensidon, France

REBEL for structural reforms

From Cheryl Penn, South Africa

REBEL against nuclear power

From Angela Behrendt, Germany, recollaged by GV

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

From C4

From the Belgian critical magazine C4, issue January-February 2012.
C4 is an official document you get when you are fired from your job in Belgium.
Le temps avance (Time is progressing): image created by teh French Fluxus artist Ben Vautier.

Dario Fo (1926-) is a radical Italian theatre maker.
Faut pas payer means «we don’t have to pay».
More info on FO:


The Kaliningrad depository

On the Danube, the ferry overturned.
An ancient order of knights,
pooled in water stripes,
found gold won at poker.
The captain abandoned ship
before the passengers.
In the lobby of the Grand Hotel,
Alcuin found gold painted
ice cream flecks,
demolished robes,
atomic secrets hidden
in gold bathroom faucets.
Elder citizens, instigators
of disease retribution,
prosecuted witnesses.
The long knives
on hydrogen foils
crossed villages and streams.
In Kaliningrad , graduates
of military intelligence,
the ancient order of knights
established to eradicate
Prussian paganism,
the moral imperative
of the Konigsberg philosophe,
suds, flakes, toys in boxes,
traffic managers, airport scans,
body patdowns, express lines
for preferred customers,
gold nuggets in leather briefcases,
luxury hotels with a view
of night grilles, gold leaf
nourished predicates
shed in war college
power point presentations.

In the corner office
wolves (big?bad?).
In the military base corridor;
black cats (panthers? Mutated snow leopards?)
tromped, joined the owls
in the maintenance closet.

David Stone, USA
19 January 2012

donderdag 26 januari 2012

woensdag 25 januari 2012