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vrijdag 21 september 2012

Rebel of love

From Lucine, The Netherlands

Rebel thru madness

 Small painted envelope
It is better to be mad than not be at all
My interpretation of Hamlet
Mailed to Ronna Saunders, USA

Rebel against the invasion of opposite worlds

Collage A4
The invasion of opposite worlds

Rebel for Justice now!

From Peter Netmail, Germany

The sadness of the little rebel owl

Small painted envelope mailed to Harry Swartz-Turfle, USA

Le travail c’est la santé, quelle blague!

Postcard collage mailed to Angela Behrendt in Germany

Rebel against the nuclear nightmare

Postcard painting for the German project IS THIS RIGHT?
The return to Fukushima

Rebel against the nuclear industry

Small painted envelope and collage fragment
How difficult it is to detect radioactive cancers, except in the thyroid gland
Mailed to Diane Bertrand in Canada

Rebel against indifference

Painting A4
Citadel Doomsday, a poem against the dangers of indifference


Portrait of an Islamist general, collage A4

woensdag 19 september 2012

Rebel Tree

The leaves of this tree are naturally red.
They are never green.

Photo and comment: Fleur Helsingor, USA

woensdag 12 september 2012

HOWL against geography lessons of WASP’s and other Caucasians

Collage on envelope mailed to Ryosuke Cohen in Japan

Image of map of the world found in a contemporary school book for children;
The grey area is where black people live! (so only in Africa)
I wonder if our WHOLE education system is based on pack of LIES and more LIES !!! (GV)
Puts the Howls of the beatniks in a more than actual perspective

Peace Postcard from 1915

Collaboration thru the mail: Wolfgang Guenther (Germany) & GV (Belgium)
Stamp of peace sign from China / Japan on an original postcard from 1915 (World War 1 correspondence between Germany and Belgium)
mailed to Clemente Padin in Uruguay

Rebel against parking tickets

Collage size A4 for Frank Dingenen,
25 euro or the death of post-modernism AKA portrait of a parking collector

On Poverty and Poetry

Postcard art from Clemente Padin, Uruguay