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dinsdag 17 april 2012

REBEL through the magic of trees

From Sarah Jo Pender, from the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis

Dear Guido,

I love trees!
Trees are so good to us, giving us oxygen to breathe, cleaning our water, providing shade in their life and shelter in their death.
They give us this paper, the pencil I write words with, and the envelope I painted.
Trees are magical, like all plants, magical little things that grow into magical big things that are essential to so many of us other magical life forms in this amazing, magical universe.


When I am with trees, big and small, I wonder like a child.
I know the scientific explanations of their life cycles and the processes of their doings.
I have even listened to trees as recorded by a hydrophone as their cells thirsted for water.
Still, no amount of knowledge can evaporate the mist of awe and wonder I feel in the presence of trees.
Trees are our kindred.
They, too, are born to live. And born to die.
In between they are silent witnesses to the magic of the universe.

Happy Earth Day,

Sarah Jo Pender, USA, April 2012

On the case of Sarah Jo:

and a collage by Ruggero Maggi, Italy

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  1. It's a very moving mail art participation from Sarah Jo. Sarah Jo has been locked in solitary confinement for about 4 years. She's only allowed one hour outside, in a cage being prison walls. The last time she saw a tree close up or had the chance to touch one was when she escaped from prison, in 2008...