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donderdag 3 april 2014

1914 2014 : NOT an April's Fools Joke

Not an April Fool’s Joke (1914 – 2014)

Revenge is the perpetual fuel of reckoning
for old and new tragedies in the making.

The fire parade of hatred
burns the cycle of this planet
since thousands of years and more.

Ghost train at full speed running at collision course
escaping the pastorale of the landscape
till the landscape itself disappears.

Mountains outside any possibility of consolation
around the arena where flagellants perform their daily rituals
never speak in the name of the people
watching the spectacle with a mixture of shock and awe.
They remain silent; only the leaves of trees
shake some sounds of quiet breathing.

Wind whispers Xtremely
softly above the flesh-coloured carnage
of yet to discover mass graves.
The touring ragman shouts to sell labiate scoria!

Simple skulls with complicated gaps and cracks
imitate the hawse-holes of gruyere cheese.
Mocking birds defy the chamber of horrors,
the fiction of neutrality of a country named
Switzerland built on silent bank accounts and loud alpine horns.

How to photostat a rebellion?
Throw the knife in the water!
Disguise yourself as a cunning fisherman,
cutting and carving in your own veins
but NOT in those from someone else’s.

Guido Vermeulen

1 April 2014, at the pub New Benfica

collage 100 years of beer funerals, in private collection of Philippe Dementen

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